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I am modeling a building with a chilled water loop with fixed set point. I
know CHW loop operation is easily modified in the wizard, but when I try to
make changes in the detailed mode (select CHW loop - controls tab - set
point control) to any other option, the following error results:

"Error retrieving EG_MoEU_ED CSV simulation results for table 'Electric
consumption (kWh)' (returned -3)."

The simulation does produce a detailed report with energy use, but the
summary energy use graphs are not generated. Has anybody come across this
error before or is there a better method for modifying CHW loops in the
detailed interface?

Marcus Eliason

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This error typically crops up when you include a dot ('.') in your
project filename (prior to the file extension characters). For example,
if you save your project to the file "ABC Project.v2.pd2", then the
error you described pops up following simulation due to the eQUEST
interface not being able locate the corresponding simulation results
files. What is happening is that previous versions of DOE-2 cannot
properly handle filenames that include '.' characters, resulting in
valid simulations and calculations of results, but storage of those
results to unexpected (truncated) filenames.

This is not an issue with the latest version (not yet released) of
eQUEST, but can be fixed in earlier versions by simply re-saving your
project to a filename that does not include '.' characters.

- Scott

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