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Due to some changes in the floor plan, I need to add another zone by splitting one zone into 2.? Currently I am in detailed mode and prefer to not switch back.?? I can change the shape of the existing zone to a smaller one no problem.? The issue comes when trying to create a new zone.? I have tried several methods but end up with either:

a) I tried copying an existing space polygon, but it does not actually seem to be a copy, as when I move points, it changes the shape of the original space as well
b) Tried to create a zone from scratch using a BOX shape, but whenever I finish editing the vertices, I gives me the error "Unable to post date to the BDL"
c) One time I successfully created a shape, but it seems to move depending on what view I am in.? For instance, in polygon view, it is in the correct spot, but when I go to 2D mode, it is located completely outside of the building.

I'm not sure what the approach is to do this.? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.? Thanks.

Brad Robinson

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The approach I would recommend is:

1) Copy the space polygon and change the name

a. Not sure why this didn't work for you. I would try it again. If for whatever reason It's not working in eQuest for you, try doing it in the inp file

2) Copy the space and change the name

3) Assign the new polygon to the new space

4) Restore the x, y, and azimuth to default

a. This may put the space in somewhere far from it's original position. That's OK. The reason that your model looked different in plan view and polygon view is because something was off with one of these values. I find it best to just restore them to default and use the vertices to reposition the space.

5) Move, add, or delete vertices as necessary to put the space in the desired position

6) If applicable, add exterior and interior walls as necessary.

7) Create a zone for the space and assign the new space to the new zone.


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Hey Brad,

Sounds like you've tread a number of paths already!

There are many ways to skin this cat. Following is one procedure that is pretty comprehensive (doesn't cut corners), and is relatively quick/easy for rectilinear spaces. There are simpler/faster approaches out there appropriate for different situations, but this covers most cases.

For review before starting: Any new zone needs a space to be associated with, so to 'split' an existing zone, you first need to 'split' its referenced space... that's the biggest part of the job.

Highlight the target space in the component tree under the 'building shell' tab. You can easily find it by selecting the space or one of its surfaces in the 2D or 3D views. If possible, switch to 3D view and orient so that you can observe your target space during the following procedure.

1. Double-click the space in the tree. If you built this from the wizards, you'll see a referenced space polygon "i.e. EL1 Space Polygon ##." Make a mental note.

2. Close the dialog, and double click on that space polygon in the component tree.

3. Here you'll see that polygon's vertices one after the other. Our goal is to split the space down the middle, so all you need to do is modify a couple vertices. Sketch it out the vertices if you need to, on a scratch pad. As you mess with the polygon vertices, you will see the results of your handiwork on closing the dialog in the 3D view. Following illustrates turning a 40ft long space into a 20ft long space:

[Notice!] Not only did the space (which we can't see in this view) change geometries, but so did the associated plenum space and all associated surfaces. That's because they all reference this same polygon.

4. Right-click the modified space ? "Create another space..." ? in the dialog, select 'copy existing component' ? check that the referenced space is selected ? tick the box for create/copy all child components ? click the 'OK' button. For this exercise, give your space a name you'll remember/recognize so you can find it easily in the lists. Repeat for the associated plenum space.

5. What you have right now is a set of spaces, identical in every regard, that are right on top of each other geometrically. If you wish, you can move your newly created space about by modifying its x/y/z coordinates (double click the new space in the tree). Again, the 3D view will illustrate what's going on, if desired. Note: the space polygon vertices you just modified may be helpful in determining how much to adjust x/y to make everything sync up perfectly... in this case, I simply adjusted the plenum and ground-level space y-coordinate by 20ft.

6. Jump to the 'air-side HVAC' tab, right click the original zone ? create another thermal zone ? copy existing component. A dialog will prompt you for a space to assign, and you'll have a list of all unassigned spaces to choose from. Select the new space, repeat for the plenum zone.

Now all spaces/zones are created and located! Review both and tweak as desired to correct internal loads, assign schedules, or whatever else should differentiate them. Consider and judge whether it's necessary to redefine/reassign any surfaces for adjacent zones. Reassign the new zones' parent system, or create a new one if necessary.

...And there you have it! Note there are potentially faster methods of "winging it" where you can just modify the defaulted area/volume and the "pertinent" variables of a space/zone before copying (i.e. occupancy/loads/surface areas), but be cautioned that such approaches can easily end up being more work in the long run should you need to modify everything in the end.



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Brad and others:

Jeremy's approach picks up on something I missed in that "guide"
response I just posted: Copying/renaming the space polygon to start is
a necessary step if you wish for the end-result to have two spaces with
different/unique shapes! My guide specifically is showing how to split
a space into two equal halves, geometrically.

Much props =),



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