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I posted a question earlier this morning about changing my units from
imperial units to metric units.

Thanks to your replies I know it is possible to do this by changing the
input in the DOE file. Does anyone know how to access this file or where
this file is located so that I can change it?

Thanks for your help

Best Regards,

Celia King-Scott

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Metric Option
The program allows input in either English or metric units. Output reports, both hourly and summary, can also be in either English or metric units. The default for the input and output is English units. To specify metric input and output, use the INPUT-UNITS and OUTPUT-UNITS keywords in the INPUT or PARAMETRIC-INPUT command:
Note that units for input and output are independent.? The program can accept metric input and produce English output, and vice versa.

You input these commands into the .INP file, right at the beginning Since?I believe you input everything in English units, you would use the OUTPUT-UNITS command to get your metric outputs.
Try getting into the Detailed Interface, saving the file, then going to the .INP file and making the changes. in that way, I believe eQuest will not change this option on you.
You WILL however be required to see your outputs in the .SIM file.
Try it !!

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