5-minute bins allocation warning message

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Dear all,

I get 12 pages of the following warnings in my SIM file's 'ATTN Simulation
Messages for Review' page. I'd appreciate if someone can explain what it
means, how severe the problem is and what can be done to fix it.

Zone: EL1 NNW Perim Zn (G.NNW3) could not successfully
allocate all equipment energy to the 5-minute bins
because of an equipment overload. The peak load
used in ECONOMICS will not include the fraction due
to the overload, but the PLANT reports will.
Mon/Day/Hour: 1 1 4 Energy: 87.3 Unallocated: 4.821



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Dear All,
I do get the same message and have ignored it for now but how serious is it?
Do let us know.


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