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Courses Included

All Access Pass TRACE 700 All Access 19 22
All Access eQUEST eQUEST All Access

Get access to all 5 eQUEST courses!

18 22
TRACE 700 Online Training 501 - TRACE 700 A-Z

Our TRACE 700 tutorials dive right into the TRACE 700 software. We start at the beginning and explain some energy modeling and HVAC concepts.

14 14
eQUEST LEED Case Study eQUEST 310 - LEED Case Study

The QUEST to get LEED points with an energy model. Watch us as we go step-by-step through setting up a building in eQUEST and then doing a real LEED energy model start to finish.

8 8
TRACE 700 LEED Case Study Training 310 - TRACE 700 LEED Case Study LEED review comments costing you time and money? Learn how to do LEED models in TRACE 700 the right way. Follow us STEP BY STEP through this case study. 8 8
LEED for Energy Modelers LEED EA Credit 1 A-Z

Learn the ins and outs of LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 (and EAp2). Learn how the baseline building is built for submittals. Skip the LEED EAC1 learning curve.

3 3
LEED Fan Calculations Demystified LEED Fan Calculations

Learn how LEED calculates the total fan power allowance by system and learn how to correctly implement the fan power in TRACE 700 (though you do not need to be a TRACE 700 user to benefit).

1 1
Energy Audit Modeling Understanding Energy Audit Modeling 1 1
401 - OpenStudio to TRACE 700

Draw your building for your TRACE 700 model

eQUEST Tool Box eQUEST Toolbox

The eQUEST toolbox subsciption gives you priority file processing and unlimited access to all tools in the toolbox, as well as all updates, including new tools that are released.

eQUEST Quick Start eQUEST 101 Quick Start

Need to convince someone that a product “Saves more than it costs”? Learn to use eQUEST and PROVE IT. 

Intro to Energy Modeling Intro to Energy Modeling

Energy-modeling is one of the fastest growing sectors of the construction industry. In fact, many Fortune 500 companies are spending millions of dollars each year, developing software, and training their staff on energy-modeling.

eQUEST Building Set Up eQUEST 301 Building Set Up

In this course we give you the building designs and specifications and then show you how to input them step by step into eQUEST.

TRACE 700 LEED Case Study Training 301 - TRACE 700 Building and Load Setup TRACE Trouble costing you time and money? Learn the steps to do models in TRACE 700 the right and efficient way. Follow us STEP BY STEP through this case study.
Trane TRACE 700 Tips and Tricks 101 - 32 tips to use TRACE 700

This course goes through 32 invaluable tricks to know when using TRACE 700.

Energy Modeling Utility Matching Calibrate Energy Models in 7 steps

You’ve done your due diligence on your energy-model but it STILL does not match the existing utility bills. Given an infinite combination of inputs to change, this is often the most intimidating part of energy-modeling-- even for very experienced modelers.

geothermal Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Unearthed
Psychrometrics Psychrometrics - Everything you need to know 2
A Practical Guide to Energy Modeling Getting Started with Energy-modeling

Learn how to get started with Energy-modeling TODAY. 

Essential Education Bundle Essential Education Bundle
All Access Pass
Chiller Chiller Plant Analyzer
Join The Forum Unlimited Forum Posts
OpenStudio Step by Step OpenStudio Step by Step

OpenStudio is the future of Energy Modeling.  In this course we give you everything you need to know to get started using it, and for the first time, you can use OpenStudio in its entirety, without needing to migrate to EnergyPlus (but you can if you want to!)

HVAC Advanced course HVAC Bibliotheca bundle

Learn how to get started with Energy-modeling TODAY. 

Chiller Promo - Chiller Plant Analyzer
Private Advanced TRACE 700 Live Webinar

What is covered?

  • 5 of Bob's best secrets
  • Cheats and hacks to make modeling easier.
  • Checking your checksums - where does this number come from?
  • Topic requests by email
Who should Sign up? 
Any moderate to advanced users of TRACE 700 who are daring enough to become super-users.