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Online training and the GBCI CMP process

Author: Joe
Posted on: March 23, 2011

What CMP category do the courses count for?

All of our current courses fall under the CMP category “Project systems and energy impacts”


GBCI CMP Credits

Are any of your courses LEED Specific?

Yes, “LEED for energy-modelers” has 3 LEED specific CE hours under the BD+C category


How many chances do I get to pass the final exams in your courses?

Our final exams allow you as many retakes as needed, provided you maintain an active subscription


How do these credits affect me?

Well, that depends on your LEED credentials!


LEED Green associates

Option 1: Take the test

How to Model a Rooftop in TRACE 700

Author: Joe
Posted on: March 22, 2011
HVAC Rocking a Rooftop

HVAC Installation Team Rocking Out


The answer depends on the type of rooftop that is being used. Most rooftops fall into one of three categories –Constant Volume, Variable Volume, and Constant Volume Fan with Variable Volume Terminal Devices.

For a constant volume RTU, there are three airside system types that are typically used – Single Zone, Variable Temperature Constant Volume, and Terminal Reheat.

The single zone and VTCV system types are very similar. They should be used to model RTU’s that have one heating coil, one cooling coil, and one constant volume fan that serve one or multiple spaces. For the single zone and VTCV system types to serve multiple rooms in TRACE, a zone must be created in Assign Rooms to Systems and all rooms served by the RTU must be assigned to that one zone.

Each zone assigned to this system type or each room directly assigned to the system type will be modeled as a separate RTU. Please refer to the document Zoning.ppt for a more details on zoning with SZ and VTCV systems.

TRACE 700, eQUEST and LEED Courses USGBC Approved

Author: Joe
Posted on: March 14, 2011

We're pleased to announce the eQUEST, TRACE 700 and LEED courses are now USGBC approved.

Completion any of the courses gets you the following valuable credit hours:

eQUEST Course:

  • GBCI - 10 CE (Continuing Education hours)
  • PE - 10 PDH (Professional Development hours)
  • AIA - 10 LU (Learning Units)
  • IACET - 0.1 CEU (Continuing Education Units)
  • GBCI Course #0090005376

TRACE 700 Course:

  • GBCI - 14 CE (Continuing Education hours)
  • PE - 14 PDH (Professional Development hours)
  • AIA - 14 LU (Learning Units)
  • IACET - 0.14 CEU (Continuing Education Units)
  • TRACE GBCI Course #0090005368

LEED for Energy-Modelers Course:

  • 3 GBCI CE hours - LEED BD+C Specialty





What We Do

Author: Joe
Posted on: August 3, 2010

We are a full service energy consulting firm, specializing in energy-modeling.  Our software of choice is TRACE 700. We also use Equest, EnergyPlus, DesignBuilder and several others.

Our experience leaves us with the ability to support, train, and troubleshoot your energy-modeling problems, saving you time and money.

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